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The Quran is the word of Allah. It is an honor and blessing for every Muslim parent to witness their children love the Quran. Parents should encourage their children for Quran recitation. This should be done in the best way and kind manners. Loving the Qur’an is not only limited to memorizing specific aayaat (verses) when instructed to do so.

When a child loves the Quran, he feels the urge to recite ayat throughout the day, understand what he’s reciting, and is interested in everything related to the Quran. Children are predominantly influenced by their surroundings and their primary caregivers. So, the role of parents is crucial in helping children develop a strong and loving bond with the Quran. Here are some tips to help you to install the love of Quran recitation in your child’s heart.

Make Dua:

Dua is the strongest weapon of the believer, especially for the parents concerning his/ her children. Nothing happens by the permission of Allah Almighty, and Allah can make all the things possible. To make dua, you need to first purify your intentions and remember that everything good that you do or intend to do should always be for the sake of Allah Almighty. Remind yourself of the virtues of the Quran to remain motivated.

“This is the Book about which is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.” Do not forget that as a parent, it is your duty to look out for your children and make sure they do what is pleasing to Allah Almighty. 

Children Listen to the Quran often:

Start even before your children are born; while you are still pregnant, when taking care of the house, cooking, or simply relaxing play the Quran recitation as much as you can. Allow the Quran to soothe the babies when they feel anxious or cry. As your children grow up, continue to play the audio recitation of the Quran around them for a few minutes at a time. It is very important for children to be familiar with the Quran as this would eventually make it easy for them to read and even memorize in Shaa Allah. You do not need to sit your children down for hours because they have a much shorter attention span. Do not limit the recitations with only Juz’ Amma because the focus here is to familiarize them with the Qur’an, not memorize.

Go over the meaning of Quran and Share Beautiful Stories:

Besides listening to the Quran everyday, try going over the meaning of verses. Do not overwhelm with too much detail. Just tell them enough to capture their attention and interest. Your style of delivering should be age appropriate. That makes it easy for the child to understand and follow along. Allah Almighty tells us quite a few stories in the Quran. Each story comes with the lesson and an inspiration. You could share these stories with your children by reading books or by watching Islamic videos to make easy Quran recitation for them. Sharing stories from the Quran helps children visualize the Quran a bit more and increase their understanding.