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What is Taqdeer? It is the belief that everything that happened, is happening and will happen is all according to Allah’s master plan for man. The first question that comes to our mind after reading this is that if everything is according to Allah’s plan then why must we pray and make supplications to Allah? This is a logical question and every person with a weak faith and only a touch of understanding of Islam can raise this question. In fact not only the weak faith people, sometimes even the ones who seem to have a sufficient knowledge of religion are seen wondering on the same thought. Hence it is extremely important to answer this question.

The one thing that we should always keep in mind is the purpose of our creation. Allah has time and again reminded us in the Holy Quran that the sole purpose of creation of life was to worship Allah. As it is said in the Holy Quran:

I created the Jinn and humankind only that they might worship me.

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Thus when we say that there is no reason to worship Allah and make supplication because our fate is already designed, we are indeed turning our back to the purpose of creation.

Secondly the Holy Prophet also established that even though our destiny has been written, we should make supplications because The Almighty Lord has the power and authority to change our fate based on our Dua and supplications:

Nothing can change the divine Decree except Dua.

[Musnad Ahmad 5/677, Ibn Majah 90, Jami Al-Tirmidhi 139]

No precaution can protect against the decree of Allah. Dua is beneficial with regard to what has been decreed and what has not been decreed. The Dua meets the calamity that has been decreed and wrestles with it, until the Day of Resurrection.

[Tabarani] To answer questions regarding Taqdeer and to clear all misconceptions, scholars have divided Taqdeer into two types:

  1. Muallaq
  2. Mubram


This type of Taqdeer is revocable. It is the one written on “The Preserved Tablet” (al Lawh al Mahfooz) and is subject to change on omission/commission of certain deeds e.g. a certain calamity is to befall a person but is averted due to the giving of charity.


It is the irrevocable destiny. It denotes the eternal knowledge of Allah. It encompasses the final result of the Muallaq destiny i.e. our choice of actions, their consequences and every precise detail of our lives. This definite knowledge of Allah is not subject to change or alter even slightly and is exclusive to Allah only.


Belief in Taqdeer strengthens a person’s trust in Allah. A person leaves all his decisions to the will of Allah and trust Him with his fate. Therefore any calamity or challenge that life throws at him, he faces with a smile knowing that it is the Almighty Allah’s will.

Conversely when he achieves success in life and everything seems to be going great, a person who believes in fate, thanks Almighty Allah and his trust in Allah is strengthened.


Though it is the firm belief of every person that whatever situation he face in life whether good or bad, it is according to the will of Almighty Allah, but depending solely on Taqdeer and giving up all your efforts for the better is wrong. Allah did say that everything that happens is according to His will but he also says that Dua and supplication can change destiny, he also emphasized on us working hard and leaving the results to Allah. A person who leaves everything on fate and doesn’t make any efforts for himself is criticized even in the Hadith:

Hazrat Auf bin Malik r.a narrates that once the Holy Prophet resolved a dispute. The person against whom the verdict went, exclaimed:

“Sufficient for me is Allah and He is good Protector.”

This exclamation of his meant that his had lost because it was the will of Allah Almighty. To this The Holy Prophet replied:

“Allah does not like weakness. Be alert!”

This statement of the Holy Prophet exclaims that we should not blame our setbacks on Almighty Allah rather we should try hard to achieve our goals but even if, after our efforts, we do not succeed, we should satisfy ourselves with the belief that we weren’t destined for this and that Allah has something greater in store for us.

Thus we can conclude by the saying that even though our destinies are written we should not lose hope in the power of Dua as it is the only thing that has the power to change Taqdeer.

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The Sahaba r.a used to worry about their Taqdeer and made the following Dua to Allah:

O Allah if you have written our name in the losers then please erase it  from that list and place it in the people who are the winners in those with a happy end (Khush Kismat) and if you have written our name in the winners then keep us steadfast worthy of our place on that list.