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Teaching Quran to child is one of the prime responsibilities as a Muslim. For the religious upbringing of our little kids, we need to provide them with the quality education that they deserve. Childhood is the most important age phase, in which children gone through and characterized by the child’s capacity and capability for learning many things such as learn Quran for kids. The rank of educators in every honorable religion is quite high, this is why we have to treat them with extraordinary regard. That is why they have known a great source of motivation in dynamic countries. The more a life we spend under the light of Quran, greater is the chance of having a better life in this world or a world hereafter. When it comes to learning of Holy Quran, the pursuit of it is a mandatory part of every Muslim life. 

Muslim parents make sure that their kids start learning Quran in early age. So that they could finish it in time and then throughout their rest of life consult and recite Quran. Kids are not aware of what Quran is and what importance does it carry for a Muslim, so the duty heavily rests upon parents to make sure that the child develops interest  in Quran and learn Quran with interest. The forceful learning of Quran or other subjects would result in learning but when do with interest it means greater and better understanding.

Learn Quran for Kids
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The importance of Learn Quran for kids:

The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran in course of Quran for kids has a massive grace for Muslims especially for kids. It helps to open the child’s mind and direct it rightfully through knowing the meaning of Holy Quran and its interpretation. It helps in guiding the child to all the ways of good and make him away of falsehood ways as well. As the Holy Quran marits the position and high rank in the worldly life and the hereafter. The Quran will be the intercessor to his reader on the Day of judgement.

Steps of Learning Quran for kids:

Some steps should follow to learn Quran for kids regularly. Setting a schedule for example three days every week to memorize  the Holy Quran in a course of Quran for kids. Where the child is ordered to memorize at least one chapter of small chapters of the Holy Quran to facilitate the process of memorizing for him. The process starts with reading the appointed chapter of memorizing to the child. Then interprets some of the meanings that are difficult for the kid to understand. Then the child is allowed to read by his own so that he understands the words fully.

Duties of the parents:

Kids are naturally more influenced by their parents than anyone else. This is why it is the duty of Muslim parents to maintain few things in order to make the learning of the Holy Quran for their childern. You must take care of your kid’s sanitation and tutoring etiquettes.