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Allah created the mankind and other creation for the sole purpose of His worship. He created us and guided us on how to live our lives so that we may live a successful life in this world and the Hereafter. Therefore we can confirm that Allah did create us for His worship but through that worship he has rewarded us with great blessing. In order to attain those blessings we must model our lives according to the principles described by Allah in the Holy Quran and demonstrated by the life of His beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Attaining the blessings of Allah is not a difficult task and there are countless ways for a Muslim to do so. Some of these ways have been listed below but these cannot be considered as the only methods of achieving the desired goal:



The Holy Quran is the divine book revealed by Allah on the Holy Prophet ﷺ, for the guidance of mankind. It is a source of communication between Allah and His creation so that He can guide us on how to spend our lives to attain His content and mercy. Even though reciting the Holy Quran is itself a source of Allah’s blessings but understanding the message that is conveyed in the Quran has its own rewards, beyond the imagination of man. To learn how to read the Quran online please visit Online Quran Lessons. We are an online Quran Teaching website that offers online Quran lessons and also help you learn Tajweed online. We also provide the facility of female online Quran teachers for our female students. To check out our course details and to register for our free trial classes please visit our website. Those who read the Quran with understanding know exactly what Allah desires of His creation and those who model their lives according to the will of Allah are the ones who are successful in receiving Allah’s favors. As it is also said by the Holy Prophet ﷺ:

He who reads one letter of the Quran it (becomes) for him a good deed, and a single good deed is rewarded (by Allah) by ten times the like thereof. I am not saying that Alif-Lam-Mim is (just) one word, but that Alif is a (separate) letter (word), Lam is a (separate) letter (word), and Mim is a (separate) letter (word).

[Tirmidhi] The Holy Quran can be considered as the first and the foremost approach for achieving Allah’s content because it guides us on how to fashion our lives according to Allah’s demands. Thus anyone who wishes to receive Allah’s blessings should focus on reciting and understanding the Holy Quran.


The life of the Holy Prophet is the perfect demonstration of the teachings of the Quran. He gave a practical example of the message that is conveyed by Allah. Those who have studied the life of the Holy Prophet and have learned from it have been successful in attaining Allah’s blessings.


Another great way of earning Allah’s blessings is through His remembrance. Allah loves those people who work on establishing a strong connection with Him. He blesses such people with His mercy and forgiveness, but in return he requires a repenting heart and a pure desire of absolution. As it is said by the Holy Prophet ﷺ:

I swear by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you were a people who did not commit sin, Allah would take you away and replace you with a people who would sin and then seek Allah’s forgiveness so He could forgive them.

[Sahih Bukhari]


Allah is the Creator and everything in the World happens with His approval. Being Muslims we must realize that it is not Allah who needs our worship and supplications, but we as humans, need Him in all matters of our life. This feeling of humbleness is another way of seeking Allah’s blessings as Allah loves the people who think of themselves as His dependents and ask for His help and guidance in all matters. It is said in the Holy Quran:

And you do not will except that Allah wills – Lord of the worlds.

[QURAN 81:29] The verse clearly indicates that man has no power over the world. In fact he doesn’t even have power over his own will as he cannot will for anything unless Allah wants him to do so. Therefore we must realize our dependence on Allah.


Allah is the Creator and the Supreme Being. He knows our intentions behind our actions and the truthfulness behind our words. We can try and even succeed in fooling the World but deceiving Allah is not possible as He knows what is in the hearts. Therefore it is absolutely essential that we keep our intentions clear. Pure intentions are loved by Allah Almighty and are always rewarded whereas corrupt thoughts lead to Allah’s resentment.


Allah Himself is the Creator and Helper of each human and He desires to see this quality in His Creation as well. He commands us to be helpful towards others and in return He promises to help us in our time of need. Helping others is not only a source of Allah’s blessings but it also creates a sense of goodwill among the people and promotes brotherhood which is again a quality desired by Allah in Humans.


Mut’taqi is a person who practices Taqwa and Taqwa is the greatest source of Allah’s blessings. Taqwa literally means abstaining from all those actions that are a source of displeasure to Allah and focusing on the deeds that bring His content. Taqwa can be summarized as everything that the Quran teaches.

Those who practice Taqwa are the closest to Allah as they put in all their efforts to live their lives according to His will. They focus on establishing a connection with the Almighty and Allah in return brings them closer to Him.

Some people believe that doing acts of goodness automatically guards them against all bad actions but this is not the case. We have to make efforts in both ways i.e. to perform good deeds and abstain from bad deeds in order to be Mut’taqi. Allah in return helps us for our efforts and brings our heart towards good.

It is the effort that counts and indeed Allah blesses the people who make efforts to gain His mercy and forgiveness. As said in the Quran:

Say, “Not equal are the evil and the good, although the abundance of evil might impress you.” So fear Allah, O you of understanding, that you may be successful.

[QURAN 5:100]